Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Here's How Much it Costs to Live in San Francisco Today

San Francisco is one of the most desired cities in the United States and around the world and not only by tech enthusiasts! The argue is stunning, the climate is mild entire year, yet the individuals are so various as much within wherever into America. The drawback to the Bay Area is certainly due to the high prices of rent, food, transportation and services in general, which make it one of the most expensive cities in the United States.

But all this can also have its advantages, the average income is in fact among the highest in America as well as the quality of the services offered. Points certainly not to be underestimated if you wish to move with your family. San Francisco is therefore expensive, but it offers possibilities that few other cities are able to offer!

Since everyone has their own life needs and the cost of it varies from city to city and from state to state, if you want to move to San Francisco it is good that you first take into account your family situation and your needs.

The normal rent within San Francisco for a one-room condominium among the city is rough $3,500 each and every month, or utilities charge around $150 by month.

Rental Prices in San Francisco

Rent among San Francisco have climbed quickly. As on January 2020, a one-room loft within the town rents for around $3,500, whilst the middle atop whole residences is $4,300.

For those who have lived in a less expensive area of ​​the United States such as the South or the Midwest, it could be shocking even to read the prices of rental in San francisco. In those areas, in fact, $ 3,500 would be enough to rent a large and pretty house with a beautiful garden.

When we talk about 3,500 dollars a month we are talking about the average of the rents, in fact there are neighborhoods where a house or an apartment can cost $ 10,000 + per month, as well as with a little luck you can find some cheaper rent in other areas less coveted of the city.

Utility Costs in San Francisco

If we talk about the costs of the utilities, we finally have pleasant news for you and your family. The bills of city occupants are in fact lower than the national normal. This in particular is due to the favorable climate of the city, the total cost of the average bills in San Francisco is around $ 154 per month, not bad!

Food Costs in San Francisco

The cost of food is among the highest in the nation: a liter of milk costs 4 dollars, a dozen eggs costs 3 dollars, a pound of chicken breast about 6 dollars ... Not insufferable expenses if you have a large family... Statistics say that a San Francisco family spends an average of $ 5,200 a year.

Driving Costs in San Francisco

Depending regarding a automobile for transportation into San Francisco is extravagant, also a full-size problem. Accident insurance or gas charge well upstairs the countrywide normal. The metropolis positions third for traffic level, at the back of Los Angeles then New York.

Luckily, San Francisco Luckily, San Francisco has the most efficient and advanced public transportation available, which makes life much easier for its inhabitants.

For motorists, insurance costs an average of $ 2,257 a year, up from $ 1,868 across California and a national average of $ 1,548.9. The use of BART to move around, on the other hand, is the cheapest method ever, with only $ 4 average per passenger.

Student Life in San Francisco

The Bay Area is one of the most desired cities for American students. Many prestigious schools are present in San Francisco and attract thousands of new students every year, mostly attracted by the dream of working in the future in Silicon Valley. The cost of living in San Francisco as mentioned before, is certainly not affordable, for this reason it will be good to keep in mind before moving to how much money you can spend. a practical and widely used solution by students is to live together as roommates, in this way the costs can be easily divided.

Working in San Francisco

Life costs a lot in San Francisco but certainly in this city there is no shortage of well-paid jobs, or salary for professionals is higher here than anywhere else in the United States! With around 5,000 dolalri per month you will be able to live a respectable lifestyle without worrying about not getting to the end of the month with water in your throat. for this reason we can say that if you want to live peacefully in San francisco you will need at least $ 60,000 per year.

Job in San Francisco

We do not recommend those who do not have a fixed and well-paid job to move to San Francisco, because the costs we have just seen could send you to a broken bank in a relatively short time. Without this premise, however, 2020 seems to have started on the right foot in this city, the unemployment rate is in fact about one percentage point lower than the national average (2.7% vs 3.6%). Definitely good news for the economy of this city, ready to welcome new and willing workers from all over the state, and why not, from all over the world!

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