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The Life in San Francisco

Life in San Francisco
San Francisco, a small city of California with a land space of 46.87 square miles, and ranked as the 16th most populous city in the United States with a population of 896,047 residents as of early 2020. Hippies got the largest population of the city, while others migrated into the city for the love of tech and fashion, and the strong LGBT movement. The city is highly recognized because of her rare weather condition, mighty buildings, and rolling hills.

Climate and culture in San Francisco
Speaking of the city's weather condition, San Francisco is known for fog. The fog emanates from the cool breezes that blow from the coast of California, thereby providing San Francisco with a natural air conditioning. Therefore, the city is always cold even during the summer.

Likewise, anyone that must live comfortably within her borders must be comfortable with the variation of weather over a short distance meaning that it can be sunny in one part of the city and then foggy moving into the next neighborhood that's just a few kilometers away.

San Francisco is also one of the few cities that accommodate people with different cultural background. From music to art, museum, festival and architecture, all show that this great city was founded to bring about the inter-relation of people from different continent and race. Moreover, it's the leading city on the issue of LGBT acceptance. And because of the city's likeness in cultural diversity as Baghdad, Herb Caen was very convinced to nickname the city "Baghdad by the Bay" in his book of essays.

Tourism in San Francisco
Baghdad by the Bay is just one of the several nicknames gotten by San Francisco. Some also know the city as the Golden City which was inspired by the Golden gate bridge. The Golden gate bridge is the longest suspended bridge in the whole world, linking the city of San Francisco to the northern part of the city and finally to the Marin county over the Pacific Ocean.

Travelling along the bars and curves of this bridge under the canopy of the golden sun is a wonderful experience for all that have undergone it, and the confidence derived afterwards can be likened to the climbing of the Great Wall of China. You can make the trip memorable by walking across it or hiking from one side to the other end. Meanwhile, there are vantage points where you can take photographs and have a view of what the amazing engineering structure looks like. The night is the best time to see the beauty radiating from this great bridge.

The Golden gate bridge is just one of the great structure in the country. There are other architectural masterpieces within the city that worth visiting. Some of these tourist centers and attractions include the Legion of Honor, the palace of fine arts, the California Academy of Sciences, and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Meanwhile, the Golden gate park is a nice place for family picnics and holidays.

Living in San Francisco
As San Francisco is adorable for tourism purpose, so likewise is living in the city. Apart from seeing all these beautiful sceneries every day, San Francisco is a city where you got to choose your kind of neighborhood. There are mainly five districts in the city and a total of 36 neighborhoods with each one having their specialties. In the city are hills and valleys, marinas, Chinese and Indian towns, and many more.

The city is considered to have a good economy. San Francisco has witnessed a continuous drop in the unemployment rate over the past few years, and the city is doing better than the average employment rate in the United States of America. Moreover, the city has also seen a greater increase in job production. And there are chances that there won't be a significant number of unemployed residents in a few years to come.

There is more influx of people into this city because of the huge salaries paid to workers. San Francisco came second to San Jose in the list of cities with the highest average income in 2019. And the average annual income for each resident was calculated to be $69,700. Meanwhile, that of the median household income was estimated to be $96,265 in that same year.

The high cost of living in San Francisco
One of the downs of living in San Francisco is the high-cost living, and unless you have lived in cities like New York, you will find the cost of living in the city very extreme. Every commodity in San Francisco are very expensive, and there is always a huge gap when the price is compared to that of the other cities in the country.

Residents usually stress the expensive cost of renting or buying a house. However, the high cost of the commodity also applies to daily necessities like Coffee, and burgers served in fast foods. The reason for this is said to be because of the huge salaries paid by these companies and restaurants. They must sell their products at high prices to meet up with the city's salary scale.

Housing in San Francisco
The cost of living under a roof in a conducive environment is the most expensive things in San Francisco, and that's the reason why there are as many tents as houses in the city. Meanwhile, the city accounts for a significant percentage of homeless people in the United States. Just in 2019, the number of homeless residents was estimated to be 8035 people, and there has been a continuous increase since 2013.

There are no cheap houses in San Francisco unless if your definition for cheap houses falls between the range of $7,000,000 USD and above (only condos comes at prices of $300,000USD and above). In fact, most of the residents having a shelter over their head are either living with their families, friends, or colleagues in order to share the rent.

According to Zillow, the average housing price for a home in San Francisco is $1.3 million USD. Whereas, that of the median rent price elevated to $3715 in 2020. And that's the reason why you must make an average annual income of $175,000 to live comfortably in the Bay.

Transportation in San Francisco
The best way to avoid frustration is to live in the city without a car. Traffic in the city is nothing but terrible, and for this reason, incoming residents are always advised to choose a neighborhood that's closer to their place of work so that they can make their way there without going through the hectic traffic.

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